Meet The Crew

Justin cut his teeth in the service end of the industry, working extensively in the restaurant/bar business. While it certainly gave him a ton of valuable perspective on the beer business in general, we’re stoked we were able to steal him from that arm of the industry. During this incubation period, Justin was an avid homebrewer, and he continues to do so today. It reflects his passion for great beer that Justin works hard brewing all day and still enjoys homebrewing in his spare time. He is also restless, constantly seeking to improve quality and efficiency.

He can sometimes be found traveling the vastness that is Brazil, where he reigns as our Brand Ambassador. He enjoys traveling, music, trying new things, and hanging out with family and friends.

Sales Representative
Jack’s beer record reads like something out of a great Russian novel. Comprehensive. Jack (AKA: JC, Hammer, etc) started selling beer and building relationships when Coors Banquet was craft.
Decades in, he has the enthusiasm of a youngster with the experience of a vetarano. In the words of the legendary Al Cooper “Jack will never ask you to do anything he hasn’t done – the problem is… he’s done it all…”

Operations and Taproom
Sales, Graphic Designer, Production, Taproom
Nick brings a wide range of talents to our team – he can be found rolling around the Bay Area doing sales, behind the bar slinging beers in the taproom, on the bottling line, kegging, delivering beer or behind the computer screen. With a background in industrial design and graphic design, Nick began showing us a few design ideas he had. Before long, his first creation went to press, the label for Fracas Imperial Red. Nick has assumed the role of Lead Graphic Designer, Brewery Representative, and production assistant. Other examples of his work include MOESaic Session IPA and White Witch IPA. Nick then created his first 3D production piece: our new tap handle. His clever design is light, strong, durable and visually stunning and its modular design makes it simple to change out various brand configurations.

In his spare time, Nick likes to spend time with family and is an avid fan of San Francisco Giants baseball, classic cars and hot rods.

Administrative Assistant
Gianna brings youthful energy, talent and a winning attitude -along with a great smile every day. She is a huge San Jose Sharks fan and gets down to the tank as often as she can. She wears many hats (always color coordinated – shown here with matching Siberian Husky) to ensure that the flow of delicious beers remains uninterrupted. If you stop by our offices she is happy to assist you.

Operations & Production Manager
Bottling, kegging, building loads, delivering orders, lab work, rebuilding broken machines with giant wrenches, cleaning taps and jockey boxes, putting together a last minute emergency request – all in a days work for Shawn. When he has a down minute you might catch him high up on a forklift, hand-polishing the bright tanks (they really are bright) or other parts of the über clean brewery.

Assistant Brewer
Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Christian learned the meaning of hard work at an early age, working as a nurseryman and landscaper soon after graduating high school. He moved to the Bay Area in 2000, successfully starting his own gardening business, playing as a drummer in a reggae band, and graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, while spending several summers as a commercial fisherman in Alaska.
Through hard work, Christian developed a great thirst and an even greater passion for craft beer, leading him to take up homebrewing and build an all-grain brewing system with the help of his good friends. When an opportunity to intern at Black Diamond with former brewmaster Paul Mallory arose, Christian jumped at the chance to gain hands-on experience in the craft beer industry, and was soon offered the position of assistant brewer, where he continues to learn and grow un