Rampage Imperial IPA

Rampage Imperial IPA

9.0% ABV ~  85 IBU available year round in: 22oz bottles, 5 gal and 15.5 gal kegs Our flagship is an ode to hops; this beer is brewed with four and half pounds of hops per barrel! We use Amarillo, Citra, Chinook, Centennial, Millennium and Nugget hops to give this beer plenty of bitterness and huge aromatics. It is dry-hopped 3 different times with 3 different hops for a week each. The multi-layered hopping brings rich notes of tropical fruits – mango, papaya, pineapple along with big juicy citrus and dank resinous pine. The unique fermentation produces a very balanced beer that does not reveal its big alcohol level. Please Rampage responsibly!

Jagged Edge IPA

Jagged Edge IPA

7.3% ABV 75 IBU Our take on a “west coast style” IPA, Jagged Edge is big and hoppy, yet it’s also extremely well balanced, and surprisingly easy to reach for another. We “first wort hop” with Columbus, and use Simcoe for flavor additions. The finishing hop additions include Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe. Columbus is pungent with sweet orange aromas and flavor. Centennial adds floral notes along with additional citrus. Simcoe add a nice pine like flavor and aroma. These hops were chosen for their flavors and their moderate cohumulone content, which means they are bitter but not overwhelmingly bitter in large quantities. Pale malts are complemented by caramalt and light munich malts, which both enhance the malty sweetness and color and work to balance the substantial hop bill.

Fracas Imperial Red

Fracas Imperial Red

8.0% ABV ~ 55 IBU available year round in: 22oz bottles, 5 gal and 15.5 gal kegs A complex, hop-forward beer brewed with Chinook, Simcoe, Apollo, and El Dorado hops. This strong ale has a sweet chocolate and caramel maltiness balanced by a solid bitterness and pine and floral aromas from an aggressive dry-hop.

Moesaic Session IPA

Moesaic Session IPA

4.7% ABV 38 IBU When we first got our noses in and hands on the experimental hop, then known only as HBC 369 CV, we knew it was something special. We wanted to make a lower alcohol IPA that didn’t drink like many others we tried. There was good hoppiness to most of them, but the body seemed lacking. We went to work on solving this, and it took a bit of time. When we were finally convinced our session IPA was ready for prime time, HBC 369 had been named: Mosaic. We employ this chameleon cone -with its exceptional palette of flavors- at each stage in the hopping process. Paul has actually created a lower alcohol session ale with the flavor and body of an American IPA. This beer has developed a following in the active lifestyle crowd, especially with cyclists, but it’s also a great beer when you just want a little more hang-time with your IPA. Dedicated to our hop-loving friend, David Moes, we brew this beer for true hop heads.

Peak XV Imperial Porter

Peak XV Imperial Porter

8.0% ABV 35 IBUs A smooth drinking, dark porter brewed with raw cacao nibs and hand-cut Madagascar vanilla beans. Balanced between a coffee-like bitterness and a rich malt character, this ale is deceptively drinkable for an Imperial.

White Witch IPA

White Witch IPA

6.3% ABV 63 IBU available year round in: 6 pks, 5 gal and 15.5 gal kegs A light colored, smooth drinking American IPA brewed with Simcoe, Chinook, and Citra hops. Flavors and aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine are balanced by a hint of cereal sweetness from the use of twenty percent malted white wheat. Not overwhelmingly bitter, but great hop aromatics make this an IPA drinker’s IPA.

Bourbon Barrel Grand Cru

Bourbon Barrel Grand Cru

8.5% ABV 30 IBU We added over 100 pounds each of locally sourced Zante currants and Black Mission figs to our Belgian-style Dubbel. This is aged in used Bourbon barrels for 12 months. During this time the warmth of the Bourbon emerges from the wood along with toasted oak and vanilla flavors. A triad of the base Dubbel, the barrel aged and fruit macerated beers are artfully blended. Whole vanilla beans compliment the wood and bring forth a velvety smoothness and richness. The fig flavor is forward on the nose along with the bubble-gum/banana ester derived during fermentation. The taste starts with the rich sweetness of fruit, carries through with a rich mellow center and finishes dry, allowing for another glass as you sit by the cozy fire. Suggested pairings:Lamb, wild game, charcuterie, pâté, duck, rabbit, braised short ribs, sausages, cherry reductions, bread pudding, dark chocolate sauces.

Bourbon Barrel Peak XV

Bourbon Barrel Peak XV

8.5% ABV 30 IBU available year round in: 22oz bottles, 5 gal and 15.5 gal kegs Wherein we take our rich,luscious Peak XV Imperial Porter and set it down in Bourbon barrels for a little happy time (sometimes when you are waiting, time does not fly).. Bourbon and vanilla are a natural combo and the wood ageing smoothes the chocolate, further blending it with the malt flavors and adding wonderful depth. A true fireside winter warmer this one, we remain amazed at how great this beer is in an ice-cream/porter float.

Belgian Wit

4.6% ABV 15 IBUs Brewed with fifty percent malted wheat, our lightest drinking beer is a Belgian style Wit beer with just a hint of sweetness. We use orange peel, coriander, and chamomile to balance the slight tartness and fruity esters produced by our Belgian yeast.

Silo Sesh Pale Ale

5.7% ABV 44 IBU Brewed solely with the exciting Equinox hop, this American style Pale is a perfect way to showcase a range of hop aromas and flavors. Using generous amounts of hops in the kettle and for dry-hopping, it displays Equinox’s unique characteristics of papaya, lime, and tropical fruit.

"Dryed" Up Old Geezer Barleywine

12.5% ABV 20 IBU This barrel aged rye barleywine is as sweet as it is strong. On the nose is a sweet aroma of raisin with a slight hint of bourbon from the barrels. This is followed up with even more fig and raisin flavors as a smooth finish, created by the blending of several different barrel varieties, envelops your taste buds. One of our favorites!

Hoptah Session IPA

3.9% abv 40 IBU Brewed with large amounts of Citra, Centennial, and Chinook hops, this lower-alcohol IPA doesn’t sacrifice any flavor. A full body and slight caramel sweetness balance the pleasant, resinous hop bitterness. (available only in Utah)

That Veronica Vaughn Cream Ale

5.1% ABV 17 IBU An old-school American classic style brewed with 6 row barley, pilsner malt and flaked maize. Lightly hopped, it resembles a lager, but employs ale yeast, which provides a sweeter flavor and more esters. Perfect for the end of spring, its super clean finish and low ABV make it amazingly quaffable.

The Twelve Belgian Quad

12% ABV 30 IBUs  a 12 percent brew with 12 pounds of hops, 12 ingredients, spending 12 months in wood barrels. Once fermented, half is racked into whiskey and brandy barrels where it’s allowed to age for a full year. The remaining brew is then macerated with tart    and sweet cherries, which accentuate the rich fruit flavors of the wood and the aromatics of the malts.  Malts: Vienna, Crystal, Pale Chocolate, Aromatic, Special B, Carapils, Wheat  Other: Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, Montmorency Cherries, Bing Cherries  Hops: Millennium, Fuggle   Yeast: Belgian Abbey Ale  OG: 1.106   ABV: 12%   IBU: 28  Bronze Medal   2013 GABF,   2011  GABF

Delta Funk IPA

7.0% ABV 75 IBU A true West Coast IPA brewed with bold hops: Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe, we use more than 4.5 lbs per barrel of beer. On the nose you get guava, passion fruit, pineapple and cream. However we’re changing up the dry hop additions every time we brew this delicious IPA just to keep you guessing.

Carnage Triple IPA

10.0% abv 100+ IBU Back by popular demand, this is the boldest, hoppiest IPA we make. Aggressively hopped with the Southern Hemisphere’s Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy, this beer has aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and grape juice. Brewed with almost 5 lbs. of hops per barrel of beer, we squeezed as many hops into this beer as possible. For true hop-heads only.

Tripel Plum

9.0% abv   30 IBU A new twist on the classic Belgian tripel. This golden-hued beer is made with barley, wheat and oats. Crystal hops create a spicy and subtle citrusy hoppiness. Half of the batch is aged for five months in three types of barrels – Jack Daniels, rye whiskey, and brandy. The other half is given a heavy dose of Italian plums, and a quick dry hop of Amarillo hops. The resulting nectar has tartness from the plums, with a plum/grapefruit-like nose, and finishes with hints of honey and oak, and a faintness of whiskey.


These beers are a chance for us to experiment with new beers and new ingredients as well as old beers that we just haven’t brewed for a while. Our brewer Steve Hood loves coming up with new ideas for new recipes and some make it into our permanent lineup. Until that happens, there will only be 15 barrels and a few bottles of each so you need to get down to the brewery and let us know what should stay and what should go!


Great Scott – Scotch Ale
8.0% ABV 20 IBU We use a long boil to caramelize the sugars in the kettle in this malt-driven ale. A light touch of hops and a cold fermentation allow the malts to dominate. High quality English barley adds notes of biscuit, toast, honey, caramel, and toffee.
Carnage – Triple IPA
10.0% ABV 100+ IBU The boldest, most hoppy IPA we make. Aggressively hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Simcoe with aromas of tropical fruit, pine, citrus, and grape juice. Brewed with almost 5 lbs. of hops per barrel, it’s our homage to true hop-heads.



Blendo – Double IPA
8.0% ABV 85 IBU It’s exactly what it sounds like folks! A blend of 5 of our favorite hops throughout the brew! From the boil to the dry-hop, we throw in everything but the kitchen sink!

Arancia Rossa – Blood Orange Double IPA
8.8% ABV 81 IBU Brewed with local blood orange rind in the kettle and blood orange juice in the fermentors. A blend of Azacca, Galaxy and El Dorado hops provide orange, citrus and tropical flavors. A complimentary grain bill highlights the unique flavors and aromas of the Blood oranges.

Magnifico – Bohemian Pilsner
5.0% ABV 20 IBU We’ll utilize a cold, clean fermentation to allow the brewing ingredients to shine. High quality German Pilsner malt and Noble hops from the Czech Republic achieve a perfect balance of bitterness, hops, and malt. This is the first lager in a series of refreshing beers in anticipation of warmer times to come.


Fut the Wuk –  Cookie Cream Ale
5.1% ABV 17 IBU An old-school American classic style brewed with 6 row barley, pilsner malt and flaked maize. Lightly hopped, it resembles a lager, but employs ale yeast and everyones favorite sandwich cookie which provides a sweeter flavor and more esters. Perfect for a sweet treat at the end of spring.

Schnozzberry – Berry Wheat Ale
4.8% ABV 14 IBU Fresh seasonal berries are added to the mash, kettle and fermenter. Wheat malt and flaked wheat are used to give this beer big body and mouthfeel. The berries provide slight tartness and huge fruit flavors.
Pro-Am Ale – (details forthcoming)
A collaboration with the DOZE Homebrew Club. A panel of tasters pick a winning recipe from the DOZE submissions. The winner brews a commercial batch with our brewers, which is submitted to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in the Pro-Am category.

Mogaltra – Triple IPA
11.5% ABV 100+ IBU With an ample blend of the freshest Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra around, this triple IPA will be a welcomed overload of tropical, juicy flavors and aromas! Who says we can only do one triple IPA a year !?


(name ?) – Maple Brown Ale
? % ABV ? IBU Details to come




Contra Code – Cascadian Dark Ale
6.8% ABV 71 IBU This unique beer gets body and color from the use of debittered carafa, midnight wheat, and malted rye, creating a malt profile that’s complex but not bitter. The use of classic hop varieties from the pacific northwest provides pungent notes of pine, citrus and floral aromas akin to the earlier versions of IPA’s.


Chocolate Chunk – Mocha Stout
5.5% ABV 22 IBU A traditional stout transformed into a breakfast beverage. Cacao nibs and vanilla beans give the beer a deep chocolate flavor. Lactose is added to create a sweet creamy mouthfeel and local cold pressed coffee brings it to mocha status.